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The Circle 1973 





Before the Pause 

Donald A. Gordon 

Faculty & Administration 

This year is unique in the history of Abbot. It encompasses the dissipation of an institution and its reformation into a new 
character. The moment has been transitory and discarded for an uncertain future. The merger has been distant and 
intangible. Frustrating, despairing, and anxious would be realistic impressions. 

But the essence of the community transcends this and settles into each one of us. We are a people. We coax one another 
through fearful changes and ride our waves of discovery. Without consciousness, we have committed ourselves to each other. 

Immersed in the exchange, it becomes more difficult to remember how much we have grown. Who was so wise to say the 
mountain is clearer from the plain? If we can extend further than ourselves, we can see we have many to thank. Without Eton 
Gordon, we would not be. His patience and his faith have been the current that sustains our growth. His dedication to a 
culture and genuine consideration for a people has generated an endless bounty of vitality among us all. We give him our 
unspoken respect and appreciation. 

We appreciate our faculty for their will to communicate and understand. Their concern has transformed an academic 
"earth" into a field of expression and exploration. Learning can be an adventure. Teachers and students have taught one 
another with a fearless drive to make that exchange. The relationship is personal rather than impressionable. 

As Abbot loses its present, we have much to feel for the past. And as for our destiny, we have careful guidance and a quality 
of human values to help us through the labor of rebirth. 

Jean St. Pierre, English 

L'eli Hepp, French and German 

Sherry Gershon, History and English 

Andrew Strauss, Mathematics 

Edwina Frederick, French 

Tl9 vi A TVmr^r M^fhpmQrtrc 

Sharon Boyle, Academic Secretary 

Sarah Procter, Food and Housing 

Administrative Staff 

Liz George, Secretary 

Marta Hornidge, Physical Education 

^\\ '- ^?^ V ^C\^ ^' • — Florence Griffith, Reg.strar 

Dorothy Judd, Spanish 

Carolyn Goodwin, Director of Studies, Mathematics 

Jim Lynch, Assistant Dean, Mathematics 

Anne Bugbee, English 

Susan Lloyd, History 

Virginia Powel, Art 

Barbara Sisson, English 

Faith Kaiser, Admissions 

Michael McCann, Biology 

Christine Kalke, Classics, English, and History 

1 1 

1 1 


Susan Qark, Classics and History 

Patricia Corkerton, Spanish 

Chris and Andy Johnston, music, resident advisors 

Kathleen Ayre, nurse 

Hilda Whyte, Physics, IPS 

Adele Babcock, Voice 

Elizabeth Roberts, Piano 

Margaret Couch, Librarian 

Flora Valentine, Secretary to the Librarian 

Edith Johanson and Theresa Stewart, Bookstore 

Richard Sheahan, Director of Development 

Richard Griggs, Business Manager 

Elinor O'Neill Swtrrhhnai-,4 

Philip Trussell, Art 

Mile. Marie Baratte, French 

Mary Kerner, Admissions 

Audrey Bensley and Penny 
Trewett, Ceramics 

Wendy MacNeil, Photography 

Joyce Lauder, Permissions 

Marion Finbury, College Counselor 

Lucy Cole, Permissions 


Molly Chamberlin, Office of Headmaster 

Carolyn Johnston, Dean of Students, English 

Marjorie Harrison, Physical Education 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Kitchen 

Maintenance Engineers 

Jes and Marie Bonde, King and Queen 
of the kitchen 

Rheua Stakely, Music and Tennis 


Keder Bayard, Mathematics 

Rennie McQuilken, English 

Zanda Rewis, English 

Mary Minard, History 

Lise Witten, History 

Frances Ladd, English 

Georges Krivobok, Russian and 


Ronald Giguere, French 

Barbara Hawkes, Biology and Ecology 

Theodore Warren, History 

Shirley Ritchie, Physical Education 






HI v 


^ ' SL f 


Donald Parkhursr Chemisrrv 

1 | ' 


Christina Rubio, Dance 

Peter T. Stapleton, Asst. to the Principal 

ar jhi j 

Stephanie Perrin, Art History 

Steve Perrin, Humanities 


Petrushka, Sue Viemeister, Karen Tulis, Lynn Chesler, Anne Randazzo, Laree Allston, Margo Lawskowslci, Fred, 
Debbie Mossman, Liz Berry, Bart Fauver, Myrtho Bayard, Edie Wilson, Terri Mitchell, Dee DeLucia, Mrs. Johnston, 
Nancy Kortke, Robin Stern, Billie Pease, Libby Howes, (missing: Mr. Johnston, Sam Howland, Ellen Kittredge). 

Tag House 





Mardi Jane Hudson, Hilary Large, 
Deanna Thering, Sarah Bayldon, Robin 
Lothrop, Connee Petty, Nancy Griffin, 
Ann Hoover, Heather MacDonaJd, 
Dorinda Davis, Lucy Whittemore, Cathy 
von Klemperer, Nancy Adams, Debbie 
Schuller, Cathy Tolmach. 

Lula Field, Sue Costa, Robin Jackson, 
Karen Pernokas, Ruth Leroy, Kathy 
DAbre, Karyn Sikora. 

Debbie and Dick Witte, Resident Advisors 



Harrier Richards, Ann Palermo, Kris Jablonski, Lisa Keller, Lori Goodman, Peggy Bliss, Kim Whittemore, 
Mary Broaddus, Caitlin Cofer, Nancy Brisson, Laurie Richards, Martha Hume, Leslie Hendrix, Lydia Long, Sue 
Wheelwright, Mandy Cobb, Jane Cashin, Kathleen Reardon, Diane Aigler. 

Bill and Judy McCahill 


% fir *. 






vmiM in in lllm 
i.'miii iiiiii I!! ! 

'NHIIll . i" '" 


1 !! m i 
15UJ Hir 


Jl: 1 ) 
Jl- li 
ill! * 








Did you see the gulls, and did you breathe deep 

To breathe with the waves, and scream with the gulls? 



Catch it inside, and laugh it back out. 

Hold it in kites, and flutes and sails. 



Lost behind trees, and beating on backs. 

A player of the day, saying its sunset. 



* - 


*m it«iik* 

10 ' 





- fSK -f^ws* 


i ♦■-* v . - 

:>W •■* - -- 






"Well, in our country," said Alice, still panting a 
little, "ycm'd generally get to somewhere else — if 
you ran very fast for a long time, as we've been 
doing.' - 

"A slow sort of country!" said the Queen. "Now, 
here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to 
keep in the same place. If you want to get some- 
where else, you must run at least twice as fast as 

3 /Jr-tjfil H ^ 


\ ^ ^B^^B^^^9^^^b_ mm 1 



Genny Dodd 

Cathy Armsden 

Christine Ho 




I was thinking about think- 
ing a thought when sud- 
denly I saw the sun and the 
stars and the wind and the 
clouds and the moon and 
the rain and those colors 

doing all those things again and I got my tears and my 

smiles my nears and my whiles my heres and my miles all 

mixed up 

and I started thinking thoughts without even thinking 

about it. 

Lynn Chesler 

Snow, softly, slowly, 
settles at dusk in a dance, 
of white butterflies, 

Look up, wake up. 
The sun is shining. 
No, it's not tomorrow. 
It's today. 

Richie Furay 



Liz Berry 

Ellen Hoitsma 

you shall above all things 

be glad and young 
For if you're young, 

whatever life you wear 
it will become you; 

and if you are glad 
whatever 's living 

will yourself become, 
e.e. cummings 

What is life 

but a series of inspired follies 


Leslie Hendrix 

Amanda Cobb 

Sarah Bayldon 

Sue Wheelwright 

There's a feeling I get 
when I look to the west 
and my spirit is crying 
for leaving 

Stairway to Heaven 

"If you keep them hands out of your 
pockets, you could stay on your feet." 
Versh said. "You can't never get 
them out in time to catch yourself. 

Coop ersal 


so long for now, buster brown. 

Maybe may be that — is because 

May Irwin 

Kristen Austin 

I don't want to waddle like mother, 
or quack like my silly old dad, 

I want to be utterly other, 

And frightfully modern and mad. 
Alfred Noyes 


1 '"• 












Did you forget to laugh today? 
Did you forget to smile 
And lighten someone's troubles 
Even for a little while? 

Did you forget to sing today? 
And let your whole world ring 
With a deeply felt expression 
Of your joy in everything? 

Jean Kyler McManus 

Dee DeLucia 

Take heed to the path of your feet, 
then all your ways will be sure. 

Do not swerve to the right or to the left; 
turn your foot away from evil. 
Proverbs 5: 26&27 

Kim Grecoe 

Mary Webb 

Life is no brief candle to me. 
It is a sort of splendid torch, 
which I have got to hold of for the moment, 
And I want to make it burn as brightly 
as possible before handing it on 
to future generations. 

George Bernard Shaw 

Anne Allen 

i V-T'' 


■5tr~ 5 




S O 


%&■: mm 

S« "1 

^^^_ >^^^K ' ■ 



W*-J * r -' 

■ ^ i 




Nancy Adams 

Mardi Hudson 

I am the circles 
from a dropped pebble 
That will continue 

to enlarge 
no matter 
how rough 
it is 

Robin Lothrop 

Wendy King 

. sunset yellow breezes . 
from AEL 

and sand silences 






Sara Leirh 

Susan Urie 

. . .born with the gift of laughter and a sense 
that the world is mad! 
Rafael Sabatini 

Christina Landry 

Suddenly the cherries were there 
although I had forgotten that cherries exist 
and caused to be proclaimed: there never 

have been cherries — 
they were there, suddenly and dear. 

Plums fell and hit me; 

but whoever thinks that I was transformed 

because something fell and hit me 

has never been hit by plums 

Only when they poured nuts into my shoes 
and I had to walk because the children wanted 

the kernels 
I cried out for cherries, wanted plums to hit me 
transformed a little. 

G. Grass 

and was 

Nancy Kottke 

M. Laskowski 

It took a sweet young foreign gun 

This lazy life is short 

Something for nothing always ending 

With a bad report. 

So, where to now St. Peter 

If it's true I'm in your hands 

I may not be a Christian 

But I've done all one man can 

I understand I'm on the road 

Where all that was is gone 

So where to now St. Peter 

Show me which road I'm on 

Which road I'm on B. Taupin 

Drunk all the time, feelin fine, 

On Elderberry Wine, 

Those were the days, we'd lay in the haze. 

Forget depressive times. 

B. Taupin 

People is all everything is, 
All it has ever been, 
All it can ever be. 

William Saroyan 

Dorinda Davis 

The most manifest sign of wisdom 
in continued cheerfulness 
Michel Montaigne 

Deb Schuller 

Gimb every mountain, 
Ford every stream, 
Follow every rainbow, 
Until you find your dream. 

Oscar Hammerstein II 

People do not lack strength 
they lack will. 
Victor Hugo 

Sam Macartney 

'*" ; *"■»* 


_ Hta. 



Fran Sherwood 

the devil hath power t'assume a pleasing shape. 


This piece of rudeness was more than Alice could bear: 
she got up in great disgust, and walked off; the 
Dormouse fell asleep instantly, and neither of the others 
took the least notice of her going, though she looked 
once or twice, half hoping that they would call after her: 
the last time she saw them, they were trying to put the 
Dormouse into the teapot. 
Lewis Carroll 

I absolutely dislike school so Philip is my tutor He 
goes to Andover My mother knows the Dean He wears 
red garters and is boring boring boring . . .and 
sometimes I listen to him but not very often. 

Mary Gements 

Nobody could be uncheered 
with a balloon. 

I have made myself personally 
responsible for the fate of every 
human being who has come my way. 

Eliza Charles 


Charlotte Mason 

"I could tell you of my adventure — beginning from this 
morning," said Alice, "but it's no use going back to 
yesterday because I was a different person then. 
— Lewis Carrol 

The world is so full of a number of things, 
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings. 
Robert Louis Stevenson 

Kate Tomlinson 

Claudia Brown 

Freedom is the self-affirmation of one's existence as a person, 
a person with certain innate rights to say No and Yes, despite 
the consequences. 

James H. Cone 

Vanessa Gray 

Leslie Monsky 

Certain things they should stay the way 
they are. You ought to be able to stick them in 
one of those big glass cases and just leave 
them alone. 

— Catcher in the Rye 

Lee Belfield 

I find so many times that words 
are just substitutes for hugs. 

Where lies hardness? 
In cherry pits? 

Robin Stern 

Sternly Robin 

Bobbing Robin Sterned 

Sterning, Robin bobbed 

Ayfarni^ Ppqcp 

Connee Petty 

Warum rulpset und forzet ihr nicht? Hat 
mein essen euch nicht geschmecket? 
Martin Luther 

Bets Kent 

To be unobservant is to live for seventeen years 
and not know the colour of your eyes. 

Prithee, ask not where I'm going 
Can't guard a vow where I'll be 
But I'll store my cranal gatherings 
For future lunacy. 

Kristine Jablonski 

Liliom Fisher 

Liz Robert 

Cathy von Klemperer 

Anne Weisman 

Play for more than you can afford to lose, 
and you will learn the game. 

Margaret Hillhouse 

Noreen Markley 

Ann Roberts 

Welcome, O life! I go to encounter for the 
millioneth time the reality of experience and to forge in 
the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my 

James Joyce 

now i lay me down to dream of 
(nothing i or any somebody or you 
can begin to imagine) 

something which nobody may keep 
now i lay me down to dream of Spring 

Sally Smith-Petersen 

Betsy Coward 

If only I may grow: firmer, 
simpler — quieter, warmer. 
Dag Hammarskjold 

But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep. 
Robert Frost 

Dux femina facti. 

Susan Costa 


Kathy D'Abre 

I don't know who I am 
But life is for learning 

Here we come 

Marching down the street 
getting the funniest looks 
from everyone we meet 
The Monkees 

Kim Whittemore 

Andrea Simonsen 

Alison Polk 

Lydia Long 

I thank the Lord 

for the people I have found. 
E. John 

Mary Jane Miller 

All children, 
except one, grow up. 
C'est la vie. 

Barbara Willis 

Carmen Vinales 

Loraine W. Utter 

13- Omit needless words. 

— William Strunk Jr. 


Patience Horton 

Edie Wilson 

I'm taking the time for a number of things 
That weren't important yesterday 
And I still go 
I'm fixing a hole 

where the rain gets 
And stops my mind from wandering 
Where it will go. 

The Beatles 

Deborah Mossman 

to those unknowing Abbot will 
remain a name, but to us a memory; 
an unforgettable beginning. 

Loose your doubts and 

Tell no lies 

Only the peoppies 

And dragonflies 
Can whisper and whimper 
And scatter their lives 
To tickle the wind 
And pepper the skies 
Libby Howes 

Libby Howes 

Betsy (BART) Fauver 

It was my own affair to come to 
terms with myself and to find my 
own way, and like most well-brought-up 
children, I managed it badly. 

Demian, Hermann Hesse 

Such are promises 
All lies and jest 

Still, a man hears what he wants to hear 

And disregards the rest . . . 

Simon and Garfunkel 

Tell me why you are crying my son, I know you're 

frightened like everyone 
Is it the thunder in the distance you hear? 
Will it help if I stay very near 

I am here . . . 

Peter, Paul and Mary 

Kate Winthrop 

Colleen Flynn 

Kathleen Rear don 

Jane Cashin 




• • 


For our world 

the circle turns again 

Throughout the year the same season's change 

It's meant a lot to me to start anew. 

Elton John 
Yes, it's meant a lot to us to start anew and, brimming with life, to enter this world and 
find new life awaiting our exploration. For us it seems the Abbot world has given more 
opportunity to grow and change than it gave to any before or will give to any hence. We 
arrived to find Abbot in the restless calm that followed a gale, a gale of change that strew 
Abbot's old ways into a thousand directions. We eagerly joined in the activity of cleaning up 
the storm strewn pieces following whatever whim seemed to beckon us particularly. We 
have since lived in an expanding environment that has given not more nor less room than 
we needed to expand our own internal lives. 

We were lucky to find Abbot as we did. We were infinitely lucky to find a world that 
would lend us support in all our efforts to reach our special destinations; support 
unconscious, save for the details that none of us learned to accept! And now we are caught 
standing at the bend in the road, very anxious for the future, for we find that the road and 
those travelling behind have merged with the landscape and disappeared. If we could just 
turn around and encourage those travelers as we were encouraged, but they are gone. We 
stand here a bit stunned in discovering that we are the last to leave our blessings and thanks. 
We want to ask why but the somewhere we never thought existed has appeared and beckons 
us beyond. We haven't time to gather up all the thoughts of ages of travellers. We can simply 
leave our own blessings and thanks. 

And so to Abbot, whose world turns its final circle, our love, our gratitude, and the pieces 
of our lives are left tucked gently in the notion of your eternity. 

Ginny Carter 



Robin Waters 

II faut etre toujours ivre. Tout est la: c'est l'unique question. 

— Baudelaire 

Jenifer McLean 

Derriere l'horizon . . . l'ile vivait, l'ile etait 
heureuse . . . Chaque fenStre ouvrait sur le ciel, la 
porte de chaque maison ouvrait sur la terre — les 
vents, les pluies, le soleil, les oiseaux, existaint pour 
l'ile . . .les vagues dansaient, sautaient . . . 

All of a sudden 
Piglet felt that 
it was a much 
nicer day than 
he had thought 
it was. 

A. A. Milne 

Abbie Owen 

Amy Rogers 

You and I have brains, the others have fluff. 
A.A. Milne 

Laurie Woodworth 

Hollis Conner 

Never forget that until the day 
when God will deign to reveal 
the future to man, all human 
wisdom is contained in these 
two words, Wait and Hope. 

Alexandre Dumas 

The Count of Monte Cristo 

>t • 

Sylvia Kennick 

Dodi li va'ani lo 
Haroc bashoshaneen. 
Uri tsafon 
Uvoce tsaiman. 
Dodi li va'ani lo. 

The Master said: "To learn the truth at 
daybreak and die at eve is enough." 

Confucius, The Analects IV, 8 

Margie Snelling 

Cecilia Blewer 

Beyond this world of wrath and tears, 
Looms but the horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years finds me, 
And shall find me unafraid. 

It matters hot how straight the gate, 
How charged the punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate, 
I am the captain of my soul. 
William Henley 

Karen Lewis 

Jane Pugh 

Woman was created from the rib 

of man; not from his head to be 

above him, nor from his feet to be 

walked upon; but from his side to be 

equal, from neat his arm to be 

protected, and close to his heart to be 

loved. Kahlil Gibran 

Lula Field 

Ain't gonna marry, and I ain't gonna settle down 

(goddamn my soul, lordy mama! ) 
Just gonna lay right here and love all the men around. 


Carolyn Naifeh 

Sometimes I cry because being 

alive is such a beautiful gift 

(given to me), and at those times 

I come to know its fullness 

even better. Tuvya 

Donna Wheaton 

Analissimo Alvarez 

if it was so, it might be; 
and if it were so, 
it would be: 

but as it isn't, 

it ain't. 
That's logic. 

Wendissimo Gamble 

Charlissimo Hamlin 

Josie Martin 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of 

foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of 

light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we 

had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we 

were all going direct the other way — in short, the period was so far like the present period, 

that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the 

superlative degree of comparison only. 

Charles Dickens 


Br^ ^Vl *■ 


W 1 




^m ^^^ 


Mary P. Kessler 

A chemical reaction looking for 

a nlare to haDDen. — Stuart Pizer 

Lori Goodman 

I watched the lady on the flying trapeze, 
and closed my eyes every time I thought she'd fall. 
Every new flip more daring, more frightening 
She was always caught by a handsome man, 
Or if he wasn't there she'd do an extra flip, 
and catch herself. 


Ann Palermo 

Vicki Wood 

On nest pas serieux quand on a 

dix-sept ans. Rimbaud 

All good Americans, when they die, 
go to Paris. Appleton 

Juventud, divino tesoro, 
I Ya te vas para no volver! 
Cuando quiero llorar, 

no Uoro . . . 
Y a veces lloro sin querer. 


Mindy Feldman 

Deb Selden 




Goin back, baby, far beyond the sun! 

I think I'll settle down, and I says, says I 

I'll never wander further, till the day I die, 

But the wind it sorta chuckles, why of course you will 

'Cause once you get the habit, you just can't keep still 

Meg Sturges 

Barbara Jean Bangert 

fa Ja&e4 

Mr. Pickwick: You can get a charac- 
ter, of course? 

Sam Weller: Why sir, I am a 
character. from musical "Pick- 

A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Spring is not so much a season 

that lasts only a few weeks as it is 

a state of being that can last 

within a soul for a lifetime. 

No man can, for any length of 
time, wear one face to himself, 
and another to the multitude, 
without finally getting 
bewildered as to which is the true 


Nathaniel Hawthorne 

Aina Allen 

Alex Polydefkis 

Bonnie Rentschler 

Lisa Keller 

Look at our struggle for freedom, 
Trace our present day's strength to its source: 
And you'll find that man's pathway to glory 
Is strewn with the bones of a horse. 

. i 

Barbara Contarino 

"Chesue-Puss," Alice began, rather timidly, "would 
you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? ' 

'That depends a great deal on where you want to get 
to," said the cat. 

" — so long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an 

"Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only 
walk long enough." 

Lewis Carrol 
Alice in Wonderland 

Karen Pernokas 

A man needs a little madness 

or else . . . 
Or else? 

He never dares cut the rope 
and be free. 

On risque de pleurer un peu 
si Ion s'est laisse apprivoiser 






Lucinda Leach 

Julie Horowitz 








^r» Anne Spader 

I've got to find a reason for living on 

this earth 
something to want, someone to be, somehow 
to say, 
I am me. 


Marcia McCabe 

Judith Webster 

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth 
find reserves of strength that will endure as long as 
life lasts. There is symbolic as well as actual beauty 
in the migration of birds, the ebb and flow of the 
tides, the folded bud ready for the spring. There is 
something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains 
of nature — the assurance that the dawn comes after 
night, and spring after winter. 

Rachel Carson 

DeeDee Dodson 

Molly Prescott 

Ann Merriam 

This is to me pals to whom I can really say nothing. 
We've laughed our way through it, mainly, and (to hide) 
we've cried, but we are good friends. 

We don't always believe we're listening, or being listened to, 
but we know when enough is enough, and when to leave 
(is that good? you ask) Which brings me back to the fact 
that this is to me pals to whom I can really say nothing. 


Charlotte Gifford, Sharon Nahill, Jennifer Linehan, Evelyn Lentz, Tami Bodenrader, Anita Thomas, Liz 
Cogan, Pam Eaton, Diane Nicolosi, Lisa Barsamian, Lauria Bain, Beth Woodworth, Pam Schwartz, Susan 
Lambiris, Louise Stites, Paula Kazarosian, Ann Joyce, Ditty Howland, Jane Hoover, Pam Eaton, Jill Hartwell, 
Nancy Lockhart, Carolyn Appen, Martha Daniels, Ann Pawlowski, Sarah Nicholson, Jenny Peck. 

The Hansen Family 

a true ultimatum of uncoordination: the cutler cuties 

Cutler House: if you didn't know it was a prep school dorm you'd think it was a looney bin 

louise, your beaten biscuits were divine 

sorry ji.ll, no more hymns and candles in the backyard 

woodrat, what are you dreaming about? 

you wouldn't think a tennis racket would be dangerous, but . . . 

"jane's opium den, who do you want to toke to?" 

hey, lets have a back rub party 


the case of the laughing virgin 

snickle, uor herbal essence girl 

peck is a poop 

pooh, why don't boys like me? 

we're off to see the wizard 

tami, herman was so mad 

dits says simon says 

blotch, lets all do the nannygoat 

marty, i need you 

you probably got it from your mother 

tommy burnt up in the toaster 

everybody grab your broom 

please mask your immaturity 

carolyn, put on a short skirt 

the big fig newton 

good times, bad times 

lets try for a third 

buffy, put out that crayon 

phil babes, i'm not a kid 

nancy don't eat all the crumpets 

surely you jest 

cutie booties 

he's my guy 







Lora Soling, Becky Lockwood, Linda Bilkey, Kate Rohrbach, Jennifer Bishop, Stephanie Thomas, Kim Spangler, Ro 
Nicolosi, Gail Brisson, Nancy Rose, Fern Morgan, Laurie Trustman, Helen Levin, Chris Kapetan, Jody Harrison, Anne 
Munkenbeck, Mari Wellin, Louise Kramer, Amy Kapteyn, Lisa Parke, Holly Vickers, Joan Bozek, Kim Gove, Theresa Earle, 
Sarah Davis, Kate Murphy, Susan Bowley, Gail Harriss, Cecily Harshman, Sue Vernon, Dori Hale, Paula Mackor. 

Dana Horowitz, Chris Kapetan, Sylvia Wolf, Joan Bozek, Donna Cameron. 

"Why, Jon, why?" his mother asked. "Why is it so hard to be like the rest of 
the flock, Jon? Why can't you leave low flying to the pelicans and albatross? 
Why don't you eat? Son, you're bone and feathers! " 

"I don't mind being bone and feathers, mom. I just want to know what I can 
do in the air and what I can't, that's all. I just want to know." 

"See here, Jonathan, " said his father, not unkindly. "Winter isn't far away. 
Boats will be few, and the surface fish will be swimming deep. If you must 
study, then study well, but you can't eat a glide, you know. Don't you forget 
that the reason you fly is to eat." 

Jonathan nodded obediently. For the next few days he tried to behave like 
other gulls; he really tried, screeching and fighting with the flock around the 
peers and fishing boats, diving on scraps offish and bread. But he couldn't 
make it work. 

It's all so pointless, he thought, deliberately dropping a hard-won anchovy 
to a hungry old gull chasing him. I could be spending all this time learning to 
fly. There's so much to learn! 

It wasn't long before Jonathan Gull was off by himself again, Far out at sea, 
hungry, happy, learning. 

Richard Bach 

The Downses 


Laura Broaddus, Susan Sandoe, Claire Jewkes, Berty Symington, Laura Rome, Pam Bather, Deborah 
Srahl, Liz Snelling, Lia Pascale, Kim Patron, Beth Urie, Cathy Chapman, Priscilla Perry, Francesca 
Woodman, Anne Wakefield, Mary Carder, Carlie Pease, Liz Smith, Diana Van Anda, Megan 
Thomas, Fern Jones, Mrs. Trenbath, Mary Washburn, Beth Brisson. 

— : — S7 — 

T L-rve. e\.4r the 

paoV\ Corw^r- 



Be-rtv^ ^nriifvxyroJO 


f<*n-> B«\<i-her 

C\<\\r£ JUM^IS 

frV^r-H MftHe 

Ho lev/" x - _. 


The School Government Association shall function as a flex- 
ible system to strengthen a sense of community, and encourage 
cooperation among its members through dialogue and effective 
communication. It shall serve as a channel through which con- 
structive opinions can be directed. 

The Constitution 

'^ r : I LIT 

February Week 


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The Mikado 

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Ellen Hoitsma, Marianne Sullivan, Donna Silverman, Debbie Heifetz, Chris Ho, Cathy Armsden, Lissy Abraham, Steve and 
Barbara Wicks, Marcia Nelson, Katy Gass, Nancy Clifton, Cate Sprague, Ginny Carter, Genny Dodd, Julie Horowitz, Betsy 
Evans, Lisa Landsman, Robin Waters, Jeanne Nahill, Susan Stahl, Priscilla Martel, Betsy Coward, Lucinda Leach, Wendy 
Gamble, Charlotte Hamlin, Lindy Gifford. 

^ 7 ^..^o^^jfr 


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U smiled -to 4^eu- |#\« Viear^ cc* 

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daocln'jWWi^ curV 



Jenny Swing, Ruth Neilson, Jan Johnston, Meg Sturges, Debbie Selden, Ruth West, Carley Pennink, Hope Woodhouse, 
Kathy Kranzler, Kathy Barry, Laura Sterling, Jae Kittredge, Leslie Monsky, Barbara Goyer, Sara Knowles, Louisa 
Mackintosh, Stephanie Curtis, Helen Cabot, Lee Grumman, Carrie Crane, Lori Portnoy, Jessica Ziegler, Betsy Barrett, Fran 
Sherwood, Sheri Putman, Kate Tomlinson, Sue Rodgin, Kris Austin, Felecia Elias, Nina Rutenburg, Char Mason, Mary 
Webb, Noreen Markley, Pam Yameen, Sara Grosvenor, Kate Winthrop, Sue McFarland, Mary Louise Hunt, Jane 
Whittlesey, Ann Roberts, Christina Landry, Annette Bond, Sue Urie, Betsy Gootrad. 

Donna Wheaton, Ginny Hodgkins, Margaret 
Hillhouse, Marcia McCabe, Katie Keesling, Karen 
Stone, Mindy Feldman, Andrea Simonsen. 

Sally Warner, Resident Advisor 


Rheua Stakely, Resident Advisor 


Barbara Willis, Vanessa Gray, Amy Erlanger, Laura Benjamin, Margaret Downs, Nancy Lindquist, Carolyn Naifeh, Marion 
Pease, Kathy Beck, Anne Allen, Alison Polk, Beezie Johnson, Becky Putnam, Jeanne Frazier, Lisa Hockmeyer, Martha 
Pernokas, Linda Grandmaison, Carmen Vinales, Anne Spader, Ceci Blewer, Becky Park, Sue Brown, Sylvia Kennick, May 
Irwin, Kris Jablonski, Hollis Conner, Wendy Mathews. 

Marianne Mulholland 

No one asked for third. September 
rolled around to the unfamiliar faces, and 
disillusioning dorm meeting^ reinforced 
the myth of a misunderstood adolescent. 
Only nine months to go. An existentialist 
code was born with Marianne as our 
guiding light. 

Good things happen when you merely 
exist. Mint Juleps on the porch with 
Josie, to the bleating of the guards, fellow 
indulgers. The enticing aroma of popcorn 
brought unlikely groups together to 
discuss such varying topics as crew, Far 
and Middleast relations, clothes and 
Women's Lib. Someone always knew a 
lot, and everyone else would say yeah. 
We'd all seen Sullivan's show in '64. The 
Beatles were really yeah, yeah, yeah and it 
was a good answer. No hassles. Ugh. 

One real attracting force to the third 
floor was Marianne. Marianne 
Mulholland was our housemother, also 
living existentially, and helping us 
through a trying time. 

Only J.D. Salinger, James Taylor, 
Kahlil Gibran, May Irwin and Josie 
Martin could describe third floor 

The world is full of 

our compliments to the editor 



' Is 


' 55*5 




■■■ ;\:<&%EB£m .-■ • -*m 


Cecilia Blewer 
Dorinda Davis 
Jeanne Frazier 
Julie Horowitz 
Mary Louise Hunt 
Kris Jablonski 
Robin Jackson 
Jeanne Nahill 
Marge Snelling 
Kate Tomlinson 

,v ,*!h. . 

TOWN MEETING Liz Robert, Jeanne Nahill, Mimi Kessler, David Tower 



Wide Horizons 

Dougherty Tutors 
Lawrence General Hospital 
World University Service 
Abbot Religious Association 

COURANT editors: Mardi Jane Hudson, Abbie Owen 


Nancy Adams 
Cathy Armsden 
Sarah Bayldon 
Rich Durbin 
Wendy Gamble 
Charlotte Hamlin 
Loraine W. Utter 


I *~ 




Just you wait, Carroll Bailey, just you wait! 

Just you wait while I slither through your gate! 

Just like David had Bathsheba 

I have come to give you fever — 

Just you wait, Sam-o Phillips, just you wait! 

A Salacious Satire 


Reverting back to the aftermath of the 
beforementioned, we will now simplify things by 
introducing complications . . . 



' ■ 






Now that you've had the applause that refreshes and we've 
had a nip backstage, you will rivet your attention . . . 



I have often been in this dorm before, 
But I always came in a window 
on the second floor; 
Now I find my way 
In the light of day 
Through the halls of this dorm 
on the hill. 



_ *i 


We were serenely humanistic and progressive in our time 
We had the courage to create an atmosphere sublime. 
We've grown accustomed to the place, 
Accustomed to her ways, 
Accustomed to ourselves. 


I • ». 

.* ■& 

X 25-. 


*"• # 

a ^ 

*&'; j'nC^I^'^ 

> /, 




In these delightful pleasant groves, 
Let us celebrate our happy, happy loves. 

"I feel as though I'm halfway through the best Commencement speech I've ever 
made . . . ." 


. •&*£ 






Encer into understanding that you may go forth to nobler living. 



1 " * 


: yBR 

tf * #>£ 


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Southern Rhode Island 


Southeastern Connecticut 

Abbot Academy Alumnae 




Published by 

The Utter Company 
56 Main Street 
Westerly, R.I. 02891 


(203) 661-1302 

Congratulations to the Senior Qass from 

One Proud Father 

Class of 1975 

Oh, a sleeping drunkard 
Up in Central Park 
And a lion-hunter 
In the jungle dark 
And a Chinese dentist, 
And a British queen — 
All fit together 
In the same machine, 
Nice, nice, very nice, 
Nice, nice, very nice — 
So many different people 
In the same device. 
Kurt Vonnegut 

Wood, Struthers & 
Winthrop Inc. 

20 Exchange Place 
New York, N.Y. 10005 
Total Financial Services 


by Grieco Brothers 

When Abbot gives up her name to Phillips, I 
hope she'll remember "What Every Woman 
Knows" (a play by Sir James Barrie) or what 
every woman did know till Women's Lib got 

Compliments of a woman who hopes her 
daughter won't be liberated from all the good 
things as well as the bad of the old days she grew 
up in. 

With Compliments from 




to the 

Class of 197*3 

Gulf Design Company 

Lakeland, Florida 

Xalapa Farm 

t I 

Will the Circle 

Be Unbroken?? 

Special Thanks To: 
Stephanie Perrin 
Ana Alvarez 
Trigger Cook 
Sue Viemeister 
Sara Grosve nor 
Ginny Carter 
Mardi Jane Hudson 
May Irwin 
Lori Goodman 
Don and Josie Gordon 
Alumnae Office 
Ma and Pa Hamlin 
China Blossom